You'll see a table on the Admin Dashboard with information about commonly performed administrative tasks - one for user-related tasks and another for asset-related tasks.

The User Related Tasks area includes a queue of links for different tasks related to users. Click the links to see more about:

  • Expired and expiring users
  • Pending registration requests
  • Unapproved orders
  • Users without roles

As a best practice, we recommend that you agree on a site management plan with other Widen Collective admins before the launch of your site. Determine such things as who is responsible for managing new users, who will verify metadata assigned to new assets, and who will monitor conflicted assets and assets that are pending deletion.

Expired/expiring users

This queue allows you to review all users in these roles:

  • Roles with expired users
  • Roles with users expiring in 30 days
  • Roles with users expiring in 60 days

Each queue displays the number of users in the queue. You can use those to review user accounts and choose whether or not to renew user access by removing or changing the role's expiration date or deleting the user account entirely.

To administrate the user account:

  1. Click View for the user's role.
  2. Click Edit to extend the user's account or Delete to remove the user's access to the Collective. If you choose to edit the user's role, either remove the expiration date or change the date to a future date.
  3. Click Update.

Note that you can batch select users and roles by clicking the checkbox next to the user name in the list view.

Pending registration requests

This queue allows you to approve or deny user requests for access to the Collective. Users are grouped by the registration code they indicate when requesting access. If a registration code isn't indicated, they will be assigned a default registration code.

To administrate pending registration requests:

  1. Click View for the registration code.
  2. Click Approve, Approve & Edit, Deny, or Edit Registration Code next to the username.

If approved, the user's account will be assigned to a role based on the registration code indicated. If approved and edited, you'll be taken to the User Administration page, where details such as the user's role assignment and other personal preferences can be edited. If denied, you'll be taken to a page to provide an optional message to the user with a reason for the denial.

If you select Edit Registration Code, you'll be taken to a page where you can change the registration code the user used to request the account to a different registration code.

Unapproved orders

This queue allows you to approve or deny order requests that have been blocked based on the system configuration.

To administrate unapproved orders, click View, Approve, or Deny for the order. If you select view, you can review the assets in the order and then approve or deny it. If you select approve, you are approving the order and releasing it to the person who requested it. If you deny the order, you can provide an optional message to the user with a reason for the denial.

Users without roles

This queue allows you to reassign a role to a user who has lost his or her previously assigned roles.

To administrate users without roles:

  1. Click the user a role should be assigned to.
  2. Click Edit or Delete. The user account page displays when users are edited. You can edit details about the user and assign them to a role from that page. Click Delete to remove the user's access to the Collective.
  3. Click Update.