Permissions for Widen Collective apps must be enabled at the role level. For each role, enable permissions from the Application Permissions table on the Roles page in the Admin app. You can also edit permissions from that page.

Certain permissions are enabled by default when one of the role templates (i.e., general user, asset admin, user admin, or Collective admin) is selected when you create a new role.

App permissions

Permissions are categorized by app - Collective, Assets, Workflow (if enabled), and Insights - which is indicated in the left column of the Application Permissions table. Within each app, permissions are organized by type of role - general users, asset admin users, and Collective admins - which are indicated in the second, third, and fourth columns of the table.

Customize app permissions

You can customize the permissions for each app by clicking the pencil icon in the Customize column. On the Customize Application Permissions page that displays, check the appropriate permission(s) for the role.

Note that from the Features page, permissions can also be enabled when you enable a feature.