Assets can be uploaded to the Widen Collective using our mobile app. One asset at a time can be uploaded. The time of upload will be the filename for the asset.

To upload assets to the Collective from the app:

  1. Tap Upload Assets on the dashboard or in the flyout navigator in the left navigation.
  2. Tap Add Upload.
  3. Select to take a photo or video or choose an existing file.
  4. Choose the image to upload.

The first time you upload an asset using the app, a data usage message warning that states "Data network usage charges may apply" displays. Click OK to continue.


A status bar displays and indicates when the upload is complete. Uploads are available in Recent Uploads in the flyout navigator in the left navigation; most recent uploads are listed first.

Tap Clear to clear all recent uploads.

When uploads are occurring, an upload arrow displays in the header. Click the arrow to see uploads that are in progress. The arrow disappears when uploads are complete. If the app is minimized, uploads will continue in the background.

Assets will be placed in a mobile upload profile and mobile asset group. If you have permission to view the asset group in the Collective itself, you can search for assets included in the mobile asset group using the advanced search.

All assets uploaded to the mobile upload profile will be visible if you have permission to access the upload profile and the asset group the assets are in. You can give users permission to upload by creating roles (or editing them) within the Collective to allow access to the mobile upload profile and asset group.

As the Collective admin, you can search for assets included in the mobile asset group on the Upload Assets page in the Admin app. From the Upload Assets page, you can review and move assets to the appropriate asset group(s) before releasing them to users. Other actions, like editing filenames, adding metadata, and assigning categories, can also be completed using the advanced search or on the Upload Assets page.

Check out our brief video to learn more.