To select assets using the mobile app, tap on the checkmark icon. Select up to 50 assets by tapping on individual assets or by pressing and holding the checkmark to select all. A checkmark displays in the upper left corner of each asset’s thumbnail to indicate an asset has been selected. When an asset is selected in Cover Flow view, the checkmark will be highlighted.

Deselect assets by tapping on them after they have been selected.

Selected assets will display in the Selected Assets page. You can select assets and return to the mobile app later to send them. If you haven't selected any assets, the Selected Assets icon will not display.

By default, you will be in search mode. Tapping on the asset thumbnail will launch the larger preview. However, when the selection tool is enabled, tapping on the asset will mark it as selected. To return to search mode, tap the checkmark again to make this mode inactive.

Selected assets can be added to a new collection and shared with others, added to a new or existing collection, or sent to others.

Send assets to others

An icon with the number of assets selected displays after assets are selected. Click the icon to send the assets to other users.

To send assets:
  1. Tap the Selected Assets area on the dashboard, go to Selected Assets from the flyout navigator, or tap the icon that displays the number of selected assets.
  2. Tap the email icon on the Selected Assets page.
  3. Tap the + icon to select contacts from the contact list. You can create new contacts on the fly during the order process or by going to Contacts in the flyout navigator.
  4. Enter a subject or note, if applicable. A default subject will be included if the subject is left blank.
  5. Select conversion format(s) you want to send the assets in.
  6. Tap Continue.
  7. Enter special instructions, if applicable.
  8. Tap Continue.

An order summary will display. The order summary includes the order and expiration date, number of assets ordered, order number, recipient, status, and a list of assets sent.

Assets will be cleared from the selection after they are sent. 

Check out our brief video to learn more.