You can navigate around the mobile app by clicking through the dashboard options that display upon login or tap the flyout navigator in the left navigation.

To search for and view assets using the app, type a search term in the quick search, or launch categories or collections. Search results will display in a grid view. You can select Cover Flow to change the view to full screen to swipe through search results and select assets. 
Tap Grid View to return to return to viewing smaller previews. Assets can be selected from Cover Flow view or grid view.

Zoom in on search results to see more details about an asset and refine search results by file type, including images, videos, PDFs, or compressed archives.

You can also sort search results (e.g., by rating, expiration date, file size). The app will remember your last selection and sort all future results in the same manner.

Tap the asset thumbnail to see a full-screen preview of the asset and its metadata.

Check out our brief video to learn more.