If you have permission, you can access your Widen Collective site using our mobile app with your site username and password. If you're a Collective admin, you can choose whether or not to give users permission to access the mobile app.

The mobile app offers a subset of core features from the Collective that are optimized for iOS tablets and mobile devices. When you open the app, icons for categories, collections, and selected assets, if any, will display.

In addition to the mobile app, a mobile site is available for iOS devices and for Android tablets and mobile devices. If you access your site from an Android device, you'll be automatically directed to the mobile site. Note that single sign-on (SSO) users should click SSO Login, then enter their username and password to access the mobile site.

With the mobile app, you can:

For example, if you're in a sales meeting with vendors, use your tablet or mobile device to show the products offered by your company, then send relevant assets to the vendors to review and approve.

Approve orders

You may need approval to order assets or to download assets that you don’t have permission to download. If you need approval, you'll receive notification when either of these situations arise, and the assets will not be cleared from your selection after your order is complete.

Supported devices

The mobile app works on iOS tablets and mobile devices. The mobile site works on iOS and Android tablets and mobile devices.

The mobile app is not supported on iOS 5 or iPad 1 devices.

Enable or disable access to the app

You can choose to enable or disable access to the mobile app by contacting the Widen Central Support team.