Yes. If you have the Download to File Sharing Tools permission, you can download files from Box to the Widen Collective to easily and efficiently collaborate. You must create an account on the Box website before you can download assets to Box.

Collective admins should enable the Download to File Sharing Tools parent feature and Download to Box child feature on the Features page.

Authorize Box and switch accounts

The first time you download to Box, you must log in to give Box access. Authorizing access allows Box to create an Apps folder for the Collective in your Box account.

Assets will download to Box even if you're logged out when downloading from the Collective. You don't need to log in again or reauthorize Box.

To download to multiple Box accounts, click Switch Accounts and enter your account information.

Download to Box

After authorizing Box, you can download single assets from the Collective from:

To download:

  1. Click the Download button.
  2. Select Box.
  3. Select the intended use, if enabled, and the appropriate conversion formats.
  4. Click Download.

When you download a batch of assets in the Collective, download single assets from the batch to Box from the Pickup page by clicking the Download button.

Downloads to Box display in the Downloads activity feed and on the Downloads page in the Collective and in All Files in Box.

If your Box drive has less space than an asset's original file size or if the file size of the original asset is larger than the maximum file upload size allowed by Box, you may see one of these messages:

  • Box account is full. Your Box account may not have enough free space for this asset.
  • Copy to Box may fail: Your file copy to Box may fail.
  • File size is too large: The asset may be larger than the maximum size allowed by your Box account.

If the file downloaded to Box has the same filename as an existing asset in your Box account, the file will upload to the Collective as a version of the existing file.