Yes! Using the Widen Collective integration with Workfront allows for approved Workfront files and metadata to be automatically uploaded to the Collective, streamlining the workflow for projects and assets so you can share the right files with the people who need them. The integration also allows you to link projects and assets for easy file recall while keeping final projects in the Collective and repurposing project metadata.

You must already have an account with Workfront for this integration to be used.

Here’s a little bit about how the integration works.

Upload documents

After you approve a document in Workfront, it can automatically upload to the Collective as an asset. Documents can be uploaded into different asset groups in the Collective, with upload profiles determined by the Workfront project's metadata. For example, approved packing designs can be uploaded using one upload profile, while other collateral can be uploaded using a different upload profile.

Sync metadata

Metadata from Workfront can be automatically mapped to the asset when it's uploaded from Workfront or uploaded directly into the Collective. Document, project, and custom metadata can also be mapped to the asset in the Collective.

Link Collective assets to Workfront projects

After upload, the Workfront project or metadata field can be updated with a link to the final asset in the Collective.

Interested in this integration? Contact your customer success manager for more information and pricing.