There are a few ways you can manage InDesign files in the Widen Collective. If you have permission, you can package and upload zipped versions of InDesign files to the Collective, and when they're downloaded, their linked images and fonts will also download.

If you're using the Adobe CC Connector, link assets to the Collective from InDesign. Linking to assets within the Collective ensures the most current files are accessed and reduces the risk of uploading duplicates. Note that only single-page documents can be linked in InDesign.

You can also create global collections of InDesign files.

Package files for upload

When sending InDesign files to a printer or to someone who doesn't use the Connector, we recommend packaging the high-res file. Packaging puts all images and fonts used in the file, along with the file itself, into a single folder that can be delivered to and opened by the vendor or someone who isn't using the Connector.

To package an InDesign file, click File > Package.

Packaging downloads the images in the file to your computer, creating an InDesign archive. Compress the file into a ZIP folder, which can then be uploaded to the Collective for further distribution. When the ZIP file is downloaded, it can be opened without the Connector.

Create InDesign archive previews

Previews will automatically be created for InDesign files uploaded to the Collective. For the preview to display, the ZIP file that was uploaded must include a PDF with the same filename as the InDesign file (e.g., InDesign Archives Preview.idd and InDesign Archives Preview.pdf) in the same folder on the same level as the PDF.

A PDF with the same filename as the InDesign file is found at the same level as the InDesign file will be used for the preview. If a PDF is not available, a thumbnail will be extracted from the InDesign file if one exists. A preview will not be created if neither exist.

Set up InDesign preferences

We recommend setting up InDesign preferences in order for previews to be created correctly:

  1. Open InDesign.
  2. Click the InDesign menu.
  3. Select Preferences.
  4. Select File Handling.
  5. Change the settings on the Preferences page to match the preferences in the image below.

Create preflight reports

Before sending an InDesign file to someone else, you can perform a quality check to make sure links are all working and images are embedded correctly. To get a list of images used in your file, create a preflight report in InDesign:
  1. Click File > Package.
  2. Click Report.
  3. Name the report.
  4. Click Save.

Open the file from the location you saved it in, then scroll to the Links and Images section to see a list of those used in the file, along with other file information.

Find more information about preflighting files on Adobe's Preflight files before handoff page.

Create global collections

After InDesign files are uploaded to the Collective, you can create a global collection of them to easily access, download, and share the files with others. A clear naming process for global collections should be established for easy searching.