We offer access to detailed analytics information for your Widen Collective site through Google Analytics. Use Google Analytics to analyze visitor traffic to your site to improve the user experience and see what's happening in Portals.

Google Analytics is separate from sitewide Insights and asset-level Quick Insights.

With Google Analytics, you can track numerous activities in your site, including: 

  • Search terms entered
  • Trends on assets viewed
  • Browsers being used
  • Geographical location of users
  • Amount of time users spend on site pages
  • Demographics and interest information for users

Information about things like your audience, their behavior, and number of conversions displays on dashboards within Google Analytics. You can even create new analytics dashboard. Dashboards include:

  • Intelligence events: Monitor data about daily, weekly, and monthly traffic in the Collective
  • Real-time analytics: Monitor real-time user activity
  • Audience analytics: Monitor data to understand audience characteristics, including user demographics and interests, geographical location, type of browser being used, device the site is being accessed from, and the route users take to access assets.
  • Acquisition analytics: Evaluate traffic from searches, referrals, and email outreach and monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Behavior analytics: Determine how users search for assets and interact with the Collective.

You can also email and export data from Google Analytics.

Access Google Analytics

To get access to Google Analytics information for your Widen site, you'll need to have a Google account that will be added to it. You must have access to this Google account, and it must have a Gmail inbox. If your organization uses Google Apps for Business, we can use that email as well.

To get started, contact Widen Support with Google accounts you would like to have access to your analytics.

Demographics and interest information

You can request the Advertising Feature be enabled in Google Analytics. Enabling the feature allows you obtain demographic and interest information about your users, including what they are searching for as well as their age, gender, and interests, based on the browsers they’re using. Demographics and interest data allows you to better understand who your users are.

When the Advertising Feature is enabled, demographics and user interest data will be reported for your Collective site in Google Analytics in the Audience analytics section.