There is! Dropbox is a free file sharing tool that allows you to download photos, graphics, videos, and documents with others from the Widen Collective. Downloading to Dropbox is based on features and permissions. To download to Dropbox, the Download to File Sharing Tools parent feature and Download to Dropbox child feature must be enabled on the Features page.

Once the features are enabled, you'll also need to enable the Download to File Sharing Tools permission to access the features. 

You must create a Dropbox account before you download to Dropbox.

Authorize Dropbox

To get started, you'll authorize Dropbox, then enter the Dropbox code into the Collective. After you click the Download button, the API connects to Dropbox, allowing the Collective to access your Dropbox files and folders.

When you select download, assets will download even if you log out of Dropbox. You don't need to log in or reauthorize Dropbox again, although you can add and remove Dropbox authorization as often as you need.

Switch accounts

If you have multiple Dropbox accounts, you can download to different accounts by clicking Switch Accounts and entering your account information. You'll need to allow Widen access to your files and folders in Dropbox when switching between accounts.

Download to Dropbox

After authorization, assets can be downloaded to Dropbox from:

Single batches of assets can be downloaded to Dropbox. To download a single asset:

  1. Click the Download button on an asset's thumbnail in search results or on the Asset Details page.
  2. Select the Dropbox icon.
  3. Select the intended use (if the feature is enabled) and the appropriate conversion formats.
  4. Click Download.

Files will automatically download to Dropbox and be available nearly instantaneously.

When a batch of assets is downloaded via the Selection panel, single assets from the batch can be downloaded to Dropbox from the Pickup page by clicking the Download button.

Downloads to Dropbox display in the Downloads activity feed and on the Downloads page.