We offer two versions of the API - 1.0 and 2.0. The API allows other web apps and software programs to search and access the digital assets and metadata in the Widen Collective and exposes subsets of data and functions that users can control with other apps. This means that if the Collective doesn't do something marketers would like it to, with some developer help, marketers can use the API to add Collective functions to other apps.

The API can be used to pass valuable data between the Collective and other systems, to display image thumbnails on corporate intranets or web apps, and to send metadata values to product lifecycle management systems.

API user tokens can be generated from the API setup page in the Admin app. Tokens can be used by your developers or consultants to create custom integrations and connections. Both API versions can be used interchangeably. The same access token works for calls to both APIs.

We recommend using version 2.0 of the API because it supports better performance and uptime. As well, all new endpoints are typically made to version 2.0 only. While most asset-related endpoints are available in version 2.0, some lesser used endpoints are currently only available in version 1.0. We'll convert those endpoints to version 2.0 over time, based on demand.

Target users for APIs include IT admins and marketing teams.

For more information about the API, check out any of the following:

For more information about Widen's features and integrations, including the API, refer to the API FAQs.