The minimum requirements to have an account within the Widen Collective are to provide first name, last name, and a valid email address. The Secure Sockets Layer protocol used in the site requires each user to have his or her own account that is accessible with a unique username and password.

Most sites require the following password security, although some sites have custom requirements that are displayed on pages that require password changes. Passwords:

  • Are case sensitive
  • Must be a minimum of eight characters in length
  • Cannot contain <, >, or /
  • Must have a minimum special characters requirement of one uppercase and one lowercase character
  • Cannot be repeated

Passwords expire after 90 days.

After five login attempts, you will blocked out of your account for 15 minutes. You must wait 15 minutes before trying to log in again. That timeframe cannot be overwritten by admins.

To increase security, CAPTCHA is found on all pages where passwords are created or changed. You must type the characters in the field exactly as they are shown in the CAPTCHA.