You can upload assets to the Widen Collective using FTP if you have permission and if the FTP Upload feature is enabled on your site. Collective admins can enable the feature on the Features page.

To upload assets using FTP, you'll first need to generate credentials in the Widen Collective. To generate credentials:
  1. Log in to the Collective.
  2. Click your user profile in the upper right of the page.
  3. Click User settings.
  4. Click the FTP tab.
  5. Click Generate Credentials.

The FTP host, username, and password that are needed to connect to the FTP server will display. That information will not be visible after you leave the page, but you can download your login credentials for future reference or regenerate the password later if you forget.

Regenerate credentials

In instances where usernames and passwords are compromised, you can regenerate credentials by clicking the Regenerate Credentials button in the FTP tab.

Download an FTP client

After you've generated your credentials, either download an FTP client like FileZilla or access your current FTP client. To upload assets, log in to the FTP client using the FTP host, username, and password credentials. You'll also need to add this information to the FTP client you choose:

  • Hostname:, or if you've chosen to set the server type to ftps, then ftps://
  • Port: 990

Upload assets

After you've logged in to the FTP client, you'll see folders based on the upload profiles you have access to in the Collective. Folders are specific to each user. Assets can be added to those folders and uploaded to the Collective using the chosen upload profile. Once transferred, view assets in the Recently Uploaded Assets table on the Uploads page.

Revoke FTP access

To revoke access to uploading assets using FTP, admins can disable your permission to upload assets.

Check out our brief video to learn more about FTP uploads.