Yes! Metadata that's embedded may exist in file IPTC, XMP, or Exif metadata fields when files are uploaded to the Widen Collective. If the Embed Metadata When Downloading feature is enabled, embedded metadata, including custom metadata, will be mapped into the asset’s XMP metadata field when you download the asset. Note that this may increase an asset's download time.

Metadata that's mapped is based on settings you determine and can be viewed using any program that displays XMP metadata, including Adobe products.

During site implementation, your onboarding will assist you in setting up metadata field mappings. After implementation, you can create and edit metadata fields anytime you need to add or update them.

Retain embedded metadata

Embedded metadata overwrites any previous metadata for a file. To keep original metadata intact for a file, use metadata imports to import that data during the upload process, then export the metadata at the time of download. Any metadata associated with an asset, even if it's metadata listed in a metadata type that is not currently in view, can be embedded upon download.

Metadata fields that aren't set up using the embed metadata feature may not include the original metadata upon download due to the use of different processors. To ensure metadata is retained upon download, you can set up fields that appear when assets are downloaded on the Embed Metadata page in the Admin app.

Metadata fields on the Embed Metadata page are grouped together based on how they display in the Description, IPTC, and Origin tabs in Photoshop. The asset metadata field column displays all metadata fields even if those fields have the same display name.

Metadata can be embedded only into XMP metadata fields within your downloaded assets (GIF, Illustrator native, InDesign, JPG, PDF, Photoshop native, PNG, TIFF). Embedded metadata exists with GIF and PNG files; however, GIF and PNG files are not supported by Photoshop. Therefore, you will not be able to use Photoshop to view embedded metadata for GIF and PNG files downloaded from the Collective.