For initial upload of assets to the Widen Collective, you'll provide the assets on a hard drive(s) in an organized structure. We recommend using exFAT, NTF, or HFS+ hard drives, rather than an FAT32 drive because it's an older file system with a longer file transfer processing time. Files are run through a script to find duplicates (known as the de-duping process) and to clean up filenames and folders before they're delivered to Amazon Web Services.

Embedded IPTC, XMP, and Exif metadata for images can be mapped to searchable metadata fields and captured at the time of upload. Header information (format, size, dimensions, date, and for video and audio tracks, frames per second and soundtracks) is also captured. For videos and PDF files, XMP metadata can be imported.

Bulk uploads are quoted as a cost per upload. Bulk uploads of metadata, category, and users may be imported each through unique methods outside the asset bulk upload process and are quoted separately.

Refer to the Preparing Files for Upload document and the Gathering Files for Upload document for more information

For more information about bulk uploads and the de-duping process, refer to the De-duping Files for Bulk Uploads document or check out our brief video to learn more.