You can see who's recently uploaded assets to your Widen Collective site or see assets you've uploaded on the Uploads page, as well as search recent and conflicted uploads to help better manage the uploads done by others and ensure metadata is tagged appropriately. Choose the uploads to view - your own, all of them, or by profile - then enter additional search criteria, like the uploader’s name. Click a filename to see more details about the asset.

The release date, upload profile selected, upload, and upload date are also listed on the page, along with conflicted assets. Edit, resolve, and archive uploads from the Uploads page.

The Uploads page can be accessed from the Activity menu on the Dashboard.

Recently uploaded assets

Assets uploaded within the last 30 days display in the Recently Uploaded Assets table. Click the Viewing dropdown to select My uploads, All uploads, or a specific upload profile to see assets that were recently added to that profile.

If you have permission, you can batch archive, edit, and delete assets in the Recently Uploaded Assets table. For individual recently uploaded assets, you can also edit metadata, categories, and asset groups/security; review file information; view and create private and public comments; and archive assets.

Conflicted uploaded assets

Assets that have conflicting filenames display in the Conflicted Uploaded Assets table. Resolved conflicted assets in the table either individually by clicking the Resolve Conflict icon or in a batch by checking multiple checkboxes next to the filenames.

Individual resolutions

To resolve conflicted assets individually:

  1. Click the Resolve Conflict icon under Options.
  2. On the Upload Conflict Resolution page, delete the existing or conflicting asset or rename the existing or conflicting asset. For the existing asset, click View Asset Details to see more information. For conflicted images, videos, and documents, you can zoom in to see a clearer preview of each asset before making a decision about the asset.
  3. Click either Add File As Version or Add File and Info as Version.

The renamed conflicting asset will be added as a new asset and will appear in the Recently Uploaded Assets table.

Batch resolutions

To resolve a batch of conflicted assets:

  1. Check the box next to multiple assets with the same filename in the Conflicted Uploaded Assets table.
  2. Click either Add File as Version, Add File and Info as Version, or Delete. Click Add File as Version to add the file as a version of an existing asset or Add File and Info as Version to add the file and metadata to an existing asset. Click Delete to remove the uploaded asset from the table and the site itself.

Select yes to confirm that you want to add only files as versions to existing assets with the selected version.