If you've just uploaded a number of new assets to your site and need to add metadata and assign them to categories, or if there are a number of outdated assets that need expiration dates so they're no longer used, you can add or edit details for those assets - including assigning them to asset groups and adding release dates or other security information - anytime. Edit details for a single asset or a batch of assets.

Single editing

For single assets, edit metadata, categories, asset groups, and the release and expiration date on the Asset Details page. Click the pencil icon next to a field or edit all fields by clicking "Edit All." Add values to metadata fields on the fly by clicking "Add Values."

Click "Save" after your additions/changes have been made. You can also click "Save and Next Section" to edit the next section (i.e., asset categories or asset groups/security) or "Save and Next Asset" to edit details for the next asset in search results.

Batch editing

Edit a batch of assets batch of assets from the Selection panel, when uploading using the Upload Wizard, or after upload from the Uploads page.

Selection panel

Up to 500 assets can be edited at once using batch editing in the Selection panel. Edit metadata, categories, and asset groups/security for selected assets either separately by action (e.g., edit only asset groups for the selected assets) or by editing all actions together. For example, clicking "Edit Security" will take you directly to editing the asset groups and release and expiration dates.

Click "Edit All" to edit metadata, categories, asset groups, and release and expiration dates for the selected assets.

When you edit all, you'll see the Batch Edit screen.

Replace mode is the default mode on the Batch Edit screen. Replace mode overrides existing values when you enter them into fields. Select "Add" to enter values that will be appended to existing values. Replace and add modes can be selected for all fields at the top of the page or be set for individual fields. Add mode is not available for numeric or single select fields (autocompleter, dropdown, or date fields) because they can only have one value.

To delete the information in a field, select "Clear" under each field.

Select the magnifying glass to the right of each field to display the existing values for each asset in the batch. If new values are not entered into fields, existing values will remain the same.

Upload Wizard or Uploads page

Batch editing can also be completed during the upload process when you're using the Upload Wizard or after assets have been uploaded by selecting assets on the Uploads page.

In the Upload Wizard, select categories for a batch in the Categorize Your Assets screen and add metadata in the Add Shared Metadata to Your Assets screen.

Categorize Your Assets

Add Shared Metadata to Your Assets

To edit metadata for multiple assets from the Uploads page, select the checkboxes next to assets then click "Edit." Follow the instructions above to edit metadata, categories, and asset groups/security on the Batch Edit screen.

If your workflow includes tagging metadata after upload, use alerts and email notifications to track when new assets are uploaded. The alert or email notification serves as a reminder to tag metadata in batches.