When the Quick Insights feature is enabled, you can efficiently and easily gather data about a single asset, including how much it's being used, how it's being used, where it’s being viewed, and its use history. These details can even bexported for further analysis. See how others are interacting with that asset, then use that knowledge to create similar assets for future promotional campaigns, blog posts, websites, videos - really, anywhere!

Find Quick Insights by clicking the Insights button in Quick View, on the Asset Details page, and in the Insights app.

Note that Quick Insights is an extension of the Insights app. With Quick Insights, you can see what’s happening with an individual asset. With Insights, you can create charts with data about how groups of assets are performing both on your site and beyond the Widen Collective. Insights charts can’t be created in Quick Insights, and there isn’t a link to take you to Insights from Quick Insights.

Watch the Quick Insights video to learn more.

Features and permissions

The Quick Insights feature must be enabled to view and export Quick Insights. Admins can enable it on the Features page.

To allow users to see Quick Insights and export the data, admins should also enable the Access Asset Insights Detail