Deep links are a URL convention for directly accessing common areas of the Widen Collective, like search results for a categoryglobal collection, or a spotlight search.

When clicking a deep link URL while logged in to the Widen Collective, users will be automatically taken to the appropriate page on the site and not be required to log in again. If not logged in, users will be required to enter their username and password when they click a deep link URL, then they'll be taken directly to the specified page.

When a deep link is used in conjunction with a single sign-on (SSO), users will be authenticated through the SSO and not prompted to enter their username and password.

Note that deep links are not supported in the Widen Collective mobile site or app.

Constructing Deep Link URLs
Deep link URLs can be constructed from the name of a category, global collection, or spotlight search. Deep links can also be constructed from a unique ID for categories, personal and global collections, and spotlight searches.

A best practice is to use the unique ID, as that ensures the link will work even if the name is altered. If the category or collection’s name is changed, deep links with the name will break.

Deep Links with IDs
Use these formats to construct deep link URLs with the unique ID:

  • Widen Collective URL/category/categoryID
  • Widen Collective URL/collection/collectionID
  • Widen Collective URL/spotlightsearch/spotlightsearchID

An example category deep link URL is:

Category IDs can be found next to each category in the Admin app under Asset Categories.

An example collection deep link URL is:

Collection IDs can be found at the end of the URL when on the Collection Details page
 for a personal or global collection.

An example spotlight search deep link URL is:

Spotlight search IDs can be found at the end of the URL when editing the spotlight.

Deep Links with Names
Use these formats to construct deep link URLs with asset, collection, or spotlight search names:

  • Widen Collective URL/asset/name/AssetName
  • Widen Collective URL/collection/title/CollectionName
  • Widen Collective URL/spotlightsearch/SpotlightSearchName

An example asset name deep link URL is:

Note: When using the name of the asset, collection, or spotlight search, the deep link will break if the name is changed.

Multiple Branded Sites

When deep links are used in Dashboard system messages for multiple branded sites, use a local URL of a deep link in the system message instead of an absolute URL. A local URL does not specify the protocol (e.g., http/https) or domain. An absolute URL typically includes the protocol and the domain.