If you'd like to use cropped views of your assets in PowerPoint presentations, sell sheets, newsletters, and website banners, for example, you can crop assets to exact pixel dimensions to fit those to the area. Assets can be cropped to exact pixel dimensions, then the cropped view can be immediately downloaded or a share link or embed code can be created. Crop assets from the Asset Details page.

The Cropping feature must be enabled, along with the Edit Assets' Metadata, Type, and Preview permission, for you to crop and view assets. If you have permission to download or share assets, you can crop and download assets.

Cropping creates an alternate preview of the asset but doesn't change the original file.

To crop, click the crop tool icon below the asset's preview. By default, the aspect ratio will be off. Choose from the set of frequently used ratios (16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 2:3), set a custom ratio, or drag to crop. The exact crop dimensions display as you crop. You can also select a background color, zoom in or rotate the asset, and see embed codes change dynamically as you crop.

Choose from advanced settings to choose a format and quality for the crop, as well as additional options including to use a secure connection, display the asset in a high-pixel density, or to allow downloads. ("Use secure connection" and "Show download button" are automatically checked; uncheck if security isn't an issue or if assets shouldn't be downloaded.)


When you've completed cropping, choose to crop and create the view of it or download the crop as a GIF, JPG, or PNG. You can also copy the share link or embed code to your clipboard.

If file extensions are included in filenames on your site, extensions will be included with filenames of downloaded cropped assets.

When you select "Crop & create view," that will be the default view of the asset on the Asset Details page.

See cropped views

After cropping, the original and cropped view or clipping path of the asset display in the Views area below the preview. Click either view to see a larger version. Click the cropped version to download or share it, to set it as the default view, or to delete the view. The default view will display when the asset appears in search results, share links or embed links.

Only one cropped version is maintained as an alternate view of the original asset.