When you enable the Create Video Clips permission for your users, they'll be able to create, save, and share video clips from full-length videos on your site. They can also download portions of videos. Video clips can be created, saved, downloaded, and shared from the Asset Details page.

Contact the Central Support Team to enable or disable the Video Clipping feature. You can enable the permission for users any time on the Roles page under Permission Settings in the left navigation of the Admin app.

Create video clips

To create a video clip, click an asset's filename in search results, then click the scissors icon below the preview on the Asset Details page.

  1. On the Clip Video page, click and drag in the timeline beneath the video. For a more accurate selection, use the listed keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Enter a clip description.
  3. Click Save.

Saved video clips are then available for download in the My Clips section. Only the video clips users have created will display in My Clips.

Video clipping is limited to these WebKit-based browsers:
  • Chrome
  • IE 11
  • Safari 7

If using a browser that is not supported, users will see a message that states, ”This functionality is limited to specific browsers. It does not work with your current browser. To use this functionality, please use the latest version of Chrome, Safari 7 or Internet Explorer 11.”