Rating assets helps you quickly find those that are popular and often used so you can use them, too. With the Rate Assets permission, you will see a five-star rating icon in the thumbnail of assets in search results. You can select a rating from one to five stars, and the ratings component will reflect the new average rating in real time. Change your previous rating by selecting a new number of stars.

Widen Collective admins should enable the Rate Assets feature on the Features page in order for ratings to display.

Rate assets from search results, Quick View, and on the Asset Details page.

If you don't have the Rate Assets permission, you can view average asset ratings but cannot rate assets. Collections cannot be rated.

Refine searches by average rating

To quickly find assets by their average rating, use the refine search to filter for assets that are rated zero through five stars. Selecting two stars filters for assets that are rated 2.0 to 2.99. You can filter for multiple ratings in the same search.

Embed ratings

When the Embed Ratings into XMP Fields feature is enabled (also on the Features page), ratings can be mapped directly to an asset's metadata field when you download assets. Collective admins can disable the feature by clicking the star next to "Ratings are set to embed automatically" on the Embed Metadata page under Order Settings in the left navigation of the Admin app or from the Features page.