Comment status fields allow your users to indicate their comment and give feedback via the status for an asset on your site. The comment status can be something like approved, approved with comments, or changes needed, and will show when users share private comments. It's not required that you have a comment status field, and if one is configured, it isn't required that users complete it when submitting a comment.

You can configure what displays in the comment status field. You'll configure the status field similarly to how you configure dependent metadata fields using list values.

To configure the comment status field:

  1. Go to the Admin app.
  2. Click Metadata Types under Search Settings in the left navigation. The comments metadata type will display if the Administrate Comments permission is enabled.
  3. Click Edit Fields in the comments metadata type row.
  4. Click Edit next to List Values to configure the comment status.
  5. Enter a value (e.g., approved, changes needed) for the comment status.
  6. Click Add after each list value is entered.
  7. Click Done when you've entered all the values.
  8. Click Save.