The Comments feature enables a collaborative workflow for assets on your site. It allows you to view, create, and reply to comments on individual assets and share private comments with others. You can also search for assets with comments. And if you're a Widen Collective admin, you can monitor all comments users submit, including private comments, from the Comments page.

The feature can be enabled by Collective admins on the Features page.

You can view, make, reply to, edit, and delete comments after admins enable the appropriate permission(s) for you.

  • Comment on Assets: View, make, and reply to public comments. If you don't have this permission, you won't see any comments.
  • Administrate Comments: Edit and delete comments, in addition to viewing, making, and replying to them.

Refine Searches

Use the refine search to find assets with public comments. Select "Has Public Comments" to see those assets.

View Comments

Click the Comment icon on asset thumbnails to see the comment string, which displays in the Asset Comments tab on the Asset Details page. You'll also see the number of comments made for the asset in the Asset Comments tab.

If there are any public or private comments shared with you, a list of up to 10 of the most recent will display in the Activity Feed on the Dashboard. Click View to be taken to the Comments page where you can review and reply to those comments.

Note that comments cannot be made on collections.

Comment on Versions

If there are multiple versions of an asset, you can create public or private comments on each version. To make a comment on a public or private version:

  1. Click the Switch Version dropdown.
  2. Select the version.
  3. Add your comment in the Asset Comments tab.

The most recent version of the asset will be listed first in the dropdown.

Check out our brief video or the comments deep dive webinar to learn more about commenting.