Comments enable a collaborative workflow for assets on your site. Use them to request updates to assets or ask questions about an asset's use. With permission, you can view, create, and reply to comments and share private comments with others. You can also search for assets with comments, and if you're a Widen Collective admin, monitor all comments your users submit, including private comments, from the Comments page. See and make comments from the Comments tab on the Asset Details page.

View and make comments

Click the Comment icon on asset thumbnails in search results to see comments that have been made on an asset and to create comments.

You can create public and private comments on assets and reply to those comments from the Comments tab. After you add your comment, the date and timestamp of the comment displays.

Create public comments

Public comments display for all users with the Comment on Assets permission enabled. Anyone can respond to public comments. From the Comments tab, click Create Public Comment, then add your comment.

Create private comments

Private comments can only be seen by the recipients you select. From the Comments tab, click Create Private Comment, select a comment status (if one has been set up), and enter your comment. Next, choose who you'd like to share that comment with. You'll see a list of recipients who have access to that asset (or asset group) that you can send your comment to.

Reply to public comments

Quickly reply to comments others have made by clicking Reply All and entering your comment. Anyone who has permission to comment on assets will see your comment when they view the asset.

Reply to private comments

If someone shares a private comment to you, or to multiple people, reply to it by clicking Reply or Reply All, choosing a comment status (if one has been set up), and entering your comment. Add or remove recipients as you see fit.

If you reply to a comment, the recipient list will include only the person who initiated the comment. If you reply to all, all recipients the comment was originally shared with will automatically be included. You can add and delete recipients to either reply.

If alert or email notifications are set up, recipients will be notified.

Comment on versions

If there are multiple versions of an asset, you can create public or private comments on each version from the Comments tab by clicking Switch Version, the adding your comment. The most recent version of the asset is listed first in the dropdown.

Edit and delete comments

Click the pencil icon for a comment to make any changes or updates to it or the trash can icon to delete the comment.

See most recent comments in the activity feed

If there are any public or private comments shared with you, a list of up to 10 of the most recent will display in the activity feed on the Dashboard. Click View to be taken to the Comments page where you can review and reply to those comments.

Note that comments cannot be made on collections.

Refine searches to see assets with comments

Use the refine search to find assets with public comments. Select "Has Public Comments" to see those assets.

Configure comment status

Collective admins can configure the comment status field, which allow you to give feedback for an asset. The comment status can be something like approved, approved with comments, or changes needed, and will show when you share private comments. It's not required that there be a comment status field, and if one is configured, it isn't required that users complete it when submitting a comment. The comment status field is configured similarly to how you configure dependent metadata fields using list values.

To configure the comment status field:

  1. Go to the Admin app.
  2. Click Metadata Types under Search Settings in the left navigation. The comments metadata type will display if the Administrate Comments permission is enabled.
  3. Click Edit Fields in the comments metadata type row.
  4. Click Edit next to List Values to configure the comment status.
  5. Enter a value (e.g., approved, changes needed) for the comment status.
  6. Click Add after each list value is entered.
  7. Click Done when you've entered all the values.
  8. Click Save.


The Comments feature can be enabled by Collective admins on the Features page.

To see and make comments, you must have these permissions:

  • Comment on Assets: View, make, and reply to public comments. If you don't have this permission, you won't see any comments.
  • Administrate Comments: View all private comments, make public and private comments, reply to comments, and edit and delete comments.