Collection share pages extend the functionality of the Widen Collective beyond traditional storing and downloading of assets. They allow you to create collections of assets, then share them with others, including people who don't use your site for viewing, download, and sharing, or embed them into other websites to advertise product launches to consumers. Share pages can also be used as media kits on press pages, shared with sales teams for promotions and campaigns, or to maintain brand identity material in one location.

Choose from different customization options for each share page, like different layout templates and background and text colors, the way others will see the page, and if they want to allow downloads or shares of assets from the page. You can even allow others to search the share page.

Share pages can be created from the Selection panel and edited from the Collections page and Collection Details page.

Create a share page

To create a share page:

  1. Add assets to the Selection panel.
  2. Click the Share button, then Share as Collection.
  3. Give the share page a title and optional description in the Create and Share Collection screen.
  4. Click Edit Share Page.
  5. Select from the page options.
  6. Click Preview to see how it looks. Click Return to Edit Panel to continue editing the share page.
  7. Click Share Collection.
  8. Select to share it via a link or by email. Click Share Links to obtain a link to the share page or an embed code to embed it into websites. Click Share via Email to choose recipients to share it with. Note that, for best presentation of embed codes, we recommend disabling the login display in the Page Options section.

To see a larger view of assets on the share page, click each asset to view it in Quick View. When launching Quick View from a collection grid view, click the left and right arrows to see the previous and next assets on the share page.

Page options

You can choose from a number of different options for your share page in the Page Options, including:

  • A template for the layout
  • A gallery type. Grid view is the default option and is best for collections of documents and logos. The image wall option is best for image-only collections.
  • Background and text colors for the page, logo, and buttons. If you need to change the colors back to what they originally were, just reset them.
  • To display the collection's title, description, support, and login links, or a logo.
    • When users log in to the share page, the collection is viewable on the Shared Collections table of the Collections page. Only the collection's owner has the ability to add or remove assets from the collection.
  •  To allow downloads from the page, access share links and embed codesshare assets to social media, or download them to file sharing tools.
    • If you allow downloads or share links and embed codes, all assets in the page can be downloaded and share links and embed codes can be obtained by anyone with the collection.
    • By default, you can download extra large JPGs (2,048 px), medium JPGs (480 px), and original formats of files. You may be required to enter your email address or intended use when downloading or sharing from share pages.

Select a logo

In the Logo Selection section, enter a search term and search for a logo or upload an existing logo to display on the share page. The logo can be a GIF, JPE, JPG, JPG, or PNG file.

For best presentation of logos, make sure the width is under 200 px and the height is 60-200 px.

Select a header image

In the Header Image Selection section, enter a search term and search for a header image or upload an existing image to display in the header of the share page. The header image can be a GIF, JPE, JPG, JPG, or PNG file.

For best presentation of header images, make sure the height of the image is 300-400 px and the width is 1,280 px.

Logos can be placed on a header image. For best presentation of logos within header images, place the logo in the upper left of the page to avoid automatic cropping and disable the logo display option in the Page Options section.

Edit a share page

If you need to make updates to a share page, you can edit it from the Collections page or Collection Details page.

To edit a share page:

  1. Click Edit Share Page for the collection you want to update.
  2. Edit the page options, logo, and header image.
  3. Click Share Collection. Share the collection or copy the embed code to include it in a website when you click Share Links or share the collection via email by clicking Share via Email.

Search a share page

A search bar will display on share pages that include more than 50 assets. Search terms can be entered in the search bar, and assets in the share page will be searched.

Embed a share page

Share page links can be embedded into websites quickly and easily.

To embed the share page:

  1. Create a collection or edit the share page of an existing collection.
  2. To display only the assets and a search bar (for more than 50 assets) in the embedded collection, deselect the title, description, login, and logo display options in the Page Options section. Also, choose whether or not to allow assets to be downloaded or for someone to access links and embed codes from the embedded collection.
  3. Click Share Collection.
  4. Click Share Links.
  5. Copy the embed code in the Share box.
  6. Paste the embed code into the website.

Remove a share page

Share pages do not expire. Instead, if a share page should be removed from a website, the share page should be deleted from the Collective and the embed code deleted from the website.