You'll see details about global and personal collections on the Collections page. View more information about those collections by selecting the corresponding button at the top of the page. The table will update and reflect the details of the type of collection you've selected.

Note that collections shared with you will only display on the Collections page after you click the link to the collection in the email you receive.

Access the Collections page from the Activity menu or the Collections menu on the Dashboard.

Collections options

For each collection on the Collections page, you can:
  • View assets in a collection
  • Edit collection details, including a collection's title and description; change previews for the collection; view, share, and watch the collection; and select to display the collection in search results
  • View the collection's history to see details about changes made
  • Edit a collection’s share page by selecting from customization options, including different layout templates and background and text colors, and uploading logos and header images
  • Share a collection with someone else
  • Make a collection global, which will display it in search results for other users, and select the collection as a favorite. If you have the Administrate Global Collections permission, you'll see the global collection in the Global Collections table on the Collections page. If you don't have permission, you won't see global collections on the Collections page.
  • Remove a collection as a global collection (for existing global collections) or make the collection a global collection (for personal collections)
  • Delete global and personal collections and remove collections someone has shared with you. Global and personal collections can be deleted individually or in a batch from the Collections page. Assets from within those collections can also be deleted individually or in a batch when you access the collection from the Collections page or Collections menu.