The Collection Details page allows anyone who owns a collection to complete various tasks. You can:

  • View analytics for the collection
  • View assets in the collection, and share, watch, and display the collection in search results
  • Edit the collection's share page to show or publish the share page's URL and obtain an embed code for the share page
  • Copy the external collection share page URL and embed code
  • View dates the collection was created and modified
  • Edit the collection's title and description
  • Select four previews from the collection to display in search results
  • View the history of when assets have been added and removed, when the collection was made global, and when previews were selected
  • View the history of who the collection has been shared with

Edit a collection on the Collections page to get to the Collection Details page.

Collection analytics

Collection analytics display in the Shares dropdown on the Collection Details page. With analytics, you can see data about the collection, including the number of external views, downloads, and shares, at the collection level.

External views are the number of times the link that was shared, either via email or embedding of the shared link, is viewed.

The number of downloads is the number of times a single asset within the collection has been downloaded. The number of downloads are visible only if the collection share page has been enabled for download.

The number of shares are counted as they are in the share history. When you share a collection with four recipients, for example, the share is counted as one.

Select, change, and add previews

Up to four assets from a global, shared, or personal collection can be selected as previews for the collection from the Collection Details page. The four previews will display for the collection in search results.

Change a preview by editing a collection on the Collections page. To add an asset as a preview, click Add as Preview. Click Remove as Preview to delete an asset as a preview. If four assets are selected as previews, you must remove one preview before another is added.

For spotlight collections, one of the previews selected can be set as the spotlight preview for the collection on the Dashboard.

Watch assets in collections

You can watch all current assets in a collection and assets added to the collection in the future by clicking the eye icon below the collection previews on the Collection Details page.

You can choose to “unwatch” assets in a collection by deselecting the eye icon on the Collection Details page; however, current watched assets remain watched and assets added to the collection in the future will not be watched.