Group like assets together into collections. Create collections from the Selection pane and in the Upload Wizard, and share collections from the Selection panel and the Collections page. Collections and assets included in them can be removed individually or in a batch from the Collections page or the Collections menu.

Check out our brief video to learn more.

Selection Panel

To create a new collection or add assets to an existing collection, add assets to the Selection panel, then click + and Add to Collection.

Next, choose to add assets to a new or existing collection. For new collections, enter a title and description, if desired. For existing collections, select the name of the collection from the list or enter search terms to find it. Click Add when you're done.

Users will be taken to search results after adding assets to the collection. To view the new or updated collection, go to the Collections page. Access that page from the Navigation menu > Collections.

Upload Wizard
Add assets to an existing collection or create a new collection on the Categorize Your Assets screen when uploading using the Upload Wizard. Click the link to create a new collection or select from existing collections that have already been created, then assign assets to a category, if applicable, then continue through the upload process.