Collections are similar assets that have been together to help others more quickly find images, videos, and documents to use in their projects. They can be created from the Selection panel and in the Upload Wizard, then shared from the Selection panel and the Collections page. If you decide to make updates and add or remove assets from collections, it's quick and easy to do that anytime.

Create collections from the Selection panel

To create a new collection or add assets to an existing collection, add assets to the Selection panel, then click the plus ( + ) icon and add them to a collection.

Next, choose to add them to a new or existing collection. For new collections, enter a title and, if desired, a description. For existing collections, select the name of the collection from the list or enter search terms to find it. Click Add when you're done.

You'll be taken to search results after adding assets to the collection. To view the new or updated collection, go to the Collections page, which can be accessed from the Activity menu on the Dashboard.

Create collections in the Upload Wizard

When you're uploading assets to the Widen Collective, you can add assets to an existing collection or create a new collection when you use the Upload Wizard. Add assets to collections on the Categorize Your Assets screen in the Wizard. Click the link to create a new collection or select from existing collections that have already been created, then assign assets to a category, if applicable, and continue through the upload process.

Combine two collections into one

If you need to combine two or more separate collections into one collection, go to each collection and select all the assets for the collections, which will add the assets to the Selection panel. Create a new collection from the Add ( + ) icon, then add the assets to a collection.

Last, delete the collections that were combined.

Remove assets from collections

Assets from personal and global collections can be removed individually or in a batch by accessing the collections from the Collections Details page or the Collections menu at the top of your site.

If you're a Collective admin or user with permission, you can remove assets individually or in a batch from global and personal collections. Note that assets in collections you share can only be removed by the person who created those collections.

Collection Details page

To remove assets in collections from the Collection Details page, edit the collection on the Collections page and you'll be taken to the Collection Details page. To remove assets individually, click Remove in the right column. To remove a group of assets, select the assets, then click Remove from collection.

Collections menu

From the Collections menu, select a collection and you'll be taken to the search results page for the collection.

To remove assets individually, click the Delete icon in the asset's thumbnail on the search results page. To remove a group of assets, add them to the Selection panel, click the more options icon, and remove them from the collection.