Collections are a group of like assets. If you have the permission, you can place a group of up to 5,000 assets in a collection. Collections can be personal, shared with others, or made global.

You can create collections from the Selection panel and the Upload Wizard and share collections from the Selection panel and the Collections page. Customized collection share pages can be created to highlight your brand or embed into websites.

If you need to add assets to an existing collection, you can do that from the Selection panel, the Asset Details page, and the Upload Wizard.

Collections display in the Collections menu at the top of your site.

They also display on the Collections page, which can be accessed from the Activity menu.

Personal collections

Find any collections you've created by clicking My collections in the Collections menu. You can also go to the Collections page from the Activity menu and get to the same list of collections by clicking My collections. Edit and manage your personal collections from the Collections page.

Shared collections

Share personal collections with another person or multiple people. Shared collections display in the Collections table on the Shares page, which can also be accessed from the Activity menu.

When a collection is shared, the owner chooses who they want to share it with and an email is sent. The email includes a link to the collection that never expires. The recipient has the option to view the collection from the link or they can log in and view the collection on the Shares page.

Global collections

A global collection is a personal collection that can be viewed if you have permission to see at least one asset in the collection. With permission, you can create a personal collection, then make that collection global from the Collections page or by clicking View all from the Collections menu.

A full list of global collections displays on the Collections page if you have the Administrate Global Collections permission.

In the Collections menu, spotlight collections (if any) display first, then global collections will be listed alphabetically. For example, if you have 10 global collections, four of which are spotlight collections, the four spotlight collections will be listed first followed by the six remaining global collections. Global collections in the Collections menu cannot be reordered.

Global collections can be selected as favorites by clicking the heart icon. De-select global collections selected as favorites on the Collections page.

Favorite global collections can be made into spotlight collections to display on the Dashboard.

Searching collections

Personal and global collections are listed in the Collections menu. By default, global collections display after you select the menu, but you can choose to see a list of your personal collections by clicking My collections. Click a collection's name to see assets in that collection.

If your site includes a large number of collections, you can search for collections to narrow the list of results. Use the Next and Previous buttons to scan through the list of collections. Click View all to see a list of personal and global collections on the Collections page.

Global collections can also be searched using the Global Collections Search.


You must have the Administrate Global Collections permission to make a personal collection a global collection, view global collections on the Collections page, remove any global collection, and view the Collection Details page.

The Collections feature must be enabled on the Features page by your Collective admin for you to create collections.