Categories are a common type of search method for many apps and allow you to search for assets that are unique to your business environment. They're your taxonomy for how assets are organized and vary for each customer's Widen Collective site. Think of them like your asset folders for browsing. When used in combination with refine search filters, categories can yield targeted search results. Site admins are responsible for creating categories.


Access parent and child categories from the Categories menu at the top of your Collective site. Parent categories are the top-level category, while child categories are like sub-categories. Parent categories display before child categories. Parent and child categories are shown based on how your site is set up - either by the number of assets in each category or alphabetically. If they aren't listed alphabetically, categories that include the most number of assets are listed first. Note that if a child category doesn't include any assets, you won't see the child category in the Categories menu. Click a category name to see assets in that category.

Asset groups control the security that the assets included in categories require. Assets are assigned to categories, and categories display if you have asset group permission to view at least one asset in the category.

If you have the Assign Assets into Categories asset group permission, you can assign assets into categories and remove them from categories. You must also have the Access Category Search permission to browse categories and the Administrate Asset Categories permission to create, delete, arrange, and manage categories.

Add assets and edit categories

If you have permission to assign assets into categories, that can be accomplished from the Asset Details page or in a batch using the Upload Wizard. Edit the categories assets are in from the Selection panel.

See the categories an asset is included in under the Asset Categories section on the Asset Details page. Click the pencil icon to add or edit categories.

Assign uploads to categories on the Categorize Your Assets page in the Upload Wizard.

To edit categories for a batch of assets, click the pencil icon in the Selection panel. Create a parent category or add and remove assets from parent and child categories, then click Save when you're done. Parent categories are automatically selected when you choose a child category. Click the arrow next to the parent category name to see child categories.

Batch edit categories

Search and filter categories

Categories are shown in the Categories menu on the Dashboard and in the left navigation in search results.

Use the Categories menu to navigate to an available category of assets to browse. Click a category name to see assets in that category. The deeper you go, the small the number of results that will be returned. If your site has more than 25 parent categories, a scroll bar appears in the menu so you can see them all.

You can also perform an advanced search by category name.

Filter by categories using the navigational elements, or breadcrumbs, to filter back to prior categories.