Watching assets allows you to keep an eye on the ones that are important to your work and be notified when updates are made to them. The Alerts feature must be enabled in order for you to watch assets. You can also watch assets in personal and global collections.

Watch single assets by clicking the eye icon in search results, Quick View previews, or on the Asset Details page. Click the eye icon to "unwatch" an asset you're watching.

Watch assets in personal and global collections from the Collection Details page. All current assets in the collection and assets added to the collection in the future will be watched.

Alerts and email notifications

When you watch assets, you can be notified via an alert and/or email when versions, metadata, and release statuses are updated. Alerts and email notification preferences can be set up and changed in your user profile. Track watched assets, expiring watched assets, or updated metadata for watched assets via alerts and emails.

If you select to receive email, an email will be sent that includes the name of the asset, what's changed, and who made the change, along with a link to the Asset Details page so you can see the asset.

Alerts are represented by an eye icon in your user profile. When there's a watched asset alert, the number of watched assets with changes appears on the icon. Click the icon to see the type of update as well as a link to search results with the watched asset(s) that has been updated.