To keep track of all the activity happening in your site, you can choose to receive alerts and email notifications for user- and asset-related administrative tasks. When there's activity that needs your attention, you'll be notified in the app, or you can receive an email about it. If you'd like, select to receive both emails and alerts.

Users can choose to receive their own alerts and emails.

A list with the type and number of alerts displays from the bell icon by your user profile. Click the alert type to see more about the activity.

If you prefer to receive email notifications, you can receive those when updates are made. Emails include a message about the purpose of the notification and a link that will take you to the appropriate page in the Widen Collective.

Note that when you read notifications within your site, you will not receive email notifications for those assets.

Customize notification preferences

Choose which notifications you receive and how you receive them from your user settings in your user profile.

To customize notification preferences:

  1. Click Preferences.
  2. Check the type of notification you want to receive (either alerts, emails, or both) for watched assets, the Collective, and any export-related tasks.
  3. Click Update.

Admin notifications

As a Collective admin, you can choose to receive both general notifications that users can get and notifications for user- and asset-related tasks. Choose user- and asset-related task notifications under Admin Notification Preferences.

User-related task notifications

  • Track Pending Registration Requests: You're notified when a new user submits a registration request for your site.
  • Track Users Without Roles: You're notified when there are new users without assigned roles.
  • Track Expired and Expiring Users: You're notified when there are new users that will expire within seven days.
  • Track Unapproved Orders: You're notified when users submit orders that require admin approval.

Asset-related task notifications

  • Track Assets Pending Delete: You're notified when there are new assets that could be deleted.
  • Track Assets Without Categories: You're notified when there are assets without categories.
  • Track Unreleased Assets: You're notified when there are new, unreleased assets.
    • To receive emails about unreleased assets, you must be able to review uploads for the upload profile and have permission for the asset group to which the upload profile is connected.
    • Track new assets: To also be notified when new assets that have been released are uploaded, select the Track New Assets notification under General Notification Preferences.
  • Track Expired Assets: You're notified with a list of all recently expired assets in asset groups you have permission to administrate.
  • Track Assets with Empty Required Metadata: You're notified when new assets have empty required metadata fields.
  • Track Conflicted Assets: You're notified when there are new conflicted assets.
  • Track Lost Assets: You're notified when there are new assets that haven't been assigned asset groups.

Email notification frequencies

Emails are sent to you at different times when activities occur in your site.

Immediate notification
Order approval
Registration requests
Assets are published to social networks
New comments are added
Exports are ready to download

Notification every 30 minutes
Assets with empty required metadata
New assets are uploaded
Unreleased assets

Daily notification
Assets with updated metadata
Conflicted assets

Weekly notification
Assets without categories
Expiring assets (only expiring watched assets)
Expiring users
Lost assets
Pending delete assets
Users without roles