You can receive alerts and/or email notifications when new assets you have permission to view are added to the site, exports are pending download, for upcoming password and order expirations, and when you have new system messages from your Widen Collective admin.

If you're a Collective admin, you can choose to receive your own alerts and emails.

A list with the type and number of alerts displays from the bell icon by your user profile. Click the alert type to see more about the activity.

If you prefer to get email notifications, you can choose for emails to be sent when changes or updates are made to assets. Emails include a message about the purpose of the notification and a link that takes you to the appropriate page in the Collective.

Note that when you read notifications within your site, you will not receive email notifications for those assets.

Customize notification preferences

Choose which notifications you receive and how you receive them from your user settings in your user profile.

To customize notification preferences:

  1. Click Preferences.
  2. Check the type of notification you want to receive (either alerts, emails, or both) for watched assets, the Collective, and any export-related tasks.
  3. Click Update.

General notifications

Choose from a number of different notifications for assets and exports under General Notification Preferences.

Watched asset notifications

When you click the eye icon for assets in search results, Quick View, or on the Asset Details page, you are considered to be watching the asset. Alerts for watched assets display when those assets are updated, expire, or metadata is changed.

Watch asset notifications are:

  • Track Updated Assets: You're notified when there's a new version for assets you're watching or when a new asset replaces an existing asset (that is, when conflicting assets are resolved).
  • Track Expiring Assets: You're notified when assets you're watching will expire within seven days.
  • Track Updated Metadata: You're notified when metadata is changed for assets you're watching.

Collective notifications

For these notifications, you're notified when  assets are uploaded, comments are shared, public comments are made, and when assets are shared via social networks.

Collective notifications are:

  • Track New Assets: You're notified when new assets you have permission to view have been released after upload. To receive this notification, you'll need the Release Assets permission enabled by your admin for each asset group in which you can view assets.
  • Track New Comments Shared With Me: You're notified when someone shares a new comment with you.
  • Track New Public Comments: You're notified when a new public comment is added.
  • Track Social Network Shares: You're notified when an asset is sent to a social networking site.

Export notification

Depending on the report's size, exports of data may take several minutes to be created. With export-related task alerts and notifications, you can choose to be notified when your export is ready for download.

The export notification is:

  • Track Exports to Download: You're notified when an export is available for download.