Assets can be quickly shared from the Widen Collective to YouTube. One asset at a time can be shared from the Share button in search results and Quick View, on the Asset Details page, and from collection share pages.

You'll need the Publish to Social Networks permission, and the Social Media Sharing feature must be enabled for you to share assets from the Collective to YouTube. If you're a Collective admin, you can enable the feature on the Features page.

Social media sharing:

  • Increases efficiency of marketing workflows by accounting for different file formats, dimensions, and metadata specifications on social media sites
  • Creates effective visual branding by connecting social media sites to your brand
  • Creates consistency for social media strategies and a stronger brand identity
  • Allows quick reaction time to adhere to a company's social media strategy
  • Allows you to reuse assets in social media platforms, blogs, marketing campaigns, presentations, emails, and many other digital information channels
  • Allows you to track assets to their locations with embed codes

Social network icons, along with share link and embed code icons, display in the Share button for assets that are released and not expired and for archived assets. The Share button won't display for assets that are unreleased or expired.

For videos, the YouTube icon only displays when the Video and Audio Management feature is enabled.

Note that if you edit an asset in the Collective after you've pushed it to YouTube, those changes will not be reflected in YouTube.


The first time you share assets to social media from the Collective, you'll need to authenticate. If you remain logged into the social media site and don't change your password after authentication, you won't be required to re-enter your credentials.

If you log out of the site then log in again, you may be required to re-enter your password the next time you share assets.

If you change your password for a social media site, you may be required to authenticate the Collective again when sharing assets.


Videos of up to 15 minutes in length can be shared to YouTube. To share videos to YouTube:

  1. Click the Share button.
  2. Click the YouTube icon.
  3. Enter a title and, if applicable, a description and metadata tags, then select a privacy option. Agree to the EULA if one is on your site.
  4. Click Post.

Shared videos will be placed in the "Creator Studio" section of YouTube before they're published.