When the Asset Versioning feature is enabled, your users with the Access Asset Versions permission can add new versions of assets, retain previous asset versions, and access, download, and share previous versions. You can enable or disable the feature on the Features page. If the feature is disabled, newly uploaded assets with the same filename will replace existing assets.

A new asset version can be added when a user uploads a file with the same filename as an existing asset. The Widen Collective automatically looks for any existing assets with the same name and makes the new asset as conflicted. Once users resolve the conflict, the newly uploaded file is added as the most recent version. As the admin, you can decide what happens to versions of conflicted assets by setting version preferences in upload profiles.

A new version can also be added from the Asset Details page by clicking the Add Version button. The filenames do not need to match, and conflict resolution isn't needed. Any file uploaded using the Add Version button is added as the most recent version. The existing filename is not overwritten with the newly uploaded filename, but users can edit that in the metadata.

Versions cannot be deleted, but they can be hidden on the Asset Details page if a prior version should no longer be visible, but other versions should. Click Hide Version to remove a version from view. Note that once a version is hidden, it cannot be unhidden. Hidden versions count towards storage space in the Collective.

Note that you can choose to have filename extensions included or excluded when files are uploaded. By default, files include the extension. Contact the Widen Central Support Team if you'd like file extensions excluded. 

If extensions are included, altering the extension after an asset is uploaded as a version may cause a conflict when the preview is generated. The Preview Not Available image displays if there's a conflict. If previews do not display, contact the Central Support Team.

Check out our brief video to learn more.

Working with existing versions

By default, the current version of an asset is the version that is visible.

After a new version has been uploaded, users can access the version details on the Asset Details page. Get to the Asset Details page either by clicking the asset's filename in the Recently Uploaded Assets table on the Uploads page or by clicking a filename on asset thumbnails in search results.

In search results thumbnails, the number of versions appears when hovering over an asset or checking Show Details in the Thumbnail dropdown.

On the Asset Details page, the number of versions displays in the Versions section. Click Switch Versions to see the list of versions. To view a previous version, select it from the dropdown and the Asset Details page will update to show the previous version's thumbnail and metadata. Create a new asset from this version, finalize the version, and hide the version. Hidden versions are no longer available to download.

Finalized versions

Finalized versions of assets do not appear in search results for someone who does not have permission to view versions.

Setting a version as finalized updates the share link and embed code.