Custom designed watermarks can be added to previews or to conversion formats or both previews and conversion formats in your Widen Collective site. Watermarks display on previews regardless of a user's role. A single preview watermark is universal to the site and is automatically applied to previews when you upload files.

Watermarks are applied to previews for images, InDesign files, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and videos. They do not display on previews for ZIP files (compressed archives). Refer to the Widen Collective Supported File Types document for a list of file types that watermarks can be applied to.

Preview watermarks are independent of any conversion format watermarks. If desired, the preview watermark can be the same watermark or different than the conversion format watermark. Additionally, the conversion format watermark can be the same or unique to each conversion format.

Watermarks display on previews:

The original, hosted file is not watermarked.

For videos
, watermarks display only on previews in asset thumbnails in search results. Watermarks do not display on previews in Quick View, on the Asset Details page, in share links and embed codes, or on downloaded or shared videos.

Watermark specifications and implementation

Images of watermarks must be supplied to Widen in a 600 x 600 px PNG file with transparency. Please specify where the watermark should be positioned on assets -- on the bottom, in the left, right or center -- when supplying the PNG file.

Conversion formats

Watermarks are applied to assets when a conversion format is selected to download or share. If you want certain users to download or share only watermarked versions of an asset, this can be achieved through a specific conversion format set up for those users. Different conversion formats can have different watermarks applied. Contact the Widen Central Support Team to set up additional conversion formats.


The Watermarking feature is available at no cost. Contact the Central Support Team to enable or disable the feature or to enable watermarking for specific conversion formats.

Watermarking to enhance rights management security using Digimarc
 is available at an additional cost.