Archiving assets can reduce storage costs while maintaining searching and ordering capabilities. When the Archive Assets feature is enabled on your site, you can search for, download, and share assets that may be used less often or are old and outdated.

The Access Archived Assets permission must be enabled, and you must also have permission to view assets in an asset group to access archived assets. If you have the Administrate Archived Assets permission, you can also set assets to be archived, view all assets that have been archived, and search for, download, and share archived assets. 

Assets can be archived individually on the Asset Details page or individually or in a batch from the Selection panel. Assets are still available for download after they're archived, and the share links and embed codes are also still available as long as the assets haven't been expired. Note that you must have permission to access archived assets in order to download or share them.

Once they're archived, assets cannot be permanently restored and will be removed from collections.

Past comments are viewable on archived assets; however, new comments cannot be added to archived assets.

Check out our brief video to learn more.

Archive from the Asset Details page

To archive an asset from the Asset Details page, select the Archive button beneath the asset preview. You'll then confirm you want to archive the asset.

After it's been archived, you'll see the Archived label.

Archive from the Selection panel

Archive assets from search results individually or in a batch from the Selection panel by:

  1. Adding assets you want to archive to the Selection panel.
  2. Selecting More dropdown.
  3. Clicking Archive All.

Assets will be listed as archived in the History tab on the Asset Details page.

Archive at upload

If you're a Collective admin, you can choose to have uploaded assets archived upon upload using an upload profile. Assets will be archived immediately when you upload assets and choose that profile.


To archive assets immediately during upload:

  1. Go to the Admin app.
  2. Click Upload Asset Profiles under Permission Settings in the left navigation.
  3. Click Edit to choose the upload profile assets should be archived in if you're updating an existing upload profile.
  4. Check the box next to Archive assets immediately after uploading.
  5. Click Update.

Administrate archived assets

When assets are archived, the date of archive is indicated in search results when you hover over the asset or below the asset thumbnail in search results when you check Show Details.

View all assets on your site that have been archived by asset group in the Archived Assets queue on the Admin Dashboard. You can also download or share archived assets with others even if they don't have permission to see archived assets.

Unarchiving assets

Assets that you've archived cannot be "unarchived." However, if you have only a few assets that have been archived that shouldn't be, we recommend you delete and re-upload them to the site.

If there are multiple assets that shouldn't be archived, deleting and re-uploading may not be a viable solution. Contact the Widen Central Support team for assistance.