If you've enabled one or more of the Intended Use features, your users will be prompted to indicate how they plan to use assets before they're downloaded or shared. Intended use, along with email addresses for someone not logged in to your site, can be collected when the features are enabled. Collecting intended use and email addresses allows you to not only see assets that are download and shared but also provides visibility into how those assets are being used - specifically, who is downloading and sharing them and for what purpose.

Intended use options span from print to emails to presentations to website placement. An “other” option is available, with additional space to explain an asset's use. Users can enter up to 255 characters to describe the intended use. You can also create intended use options in the Admin app.

The intended use users initially select is saved and applied to all assets they subsequently download or share. They can change the intended use at any time.

When users or someone who isn't logged in to the site download or share a batch of assets, the intended use selected applies to all assets in the batch.

If a EULA is configured before assets are downloaded or shared, it will be presented.

See intended use data, including how assets are being used and by whom:

Email addresses

Email addresses and intended use can be collected from someone who isn't logged in to your site and others who:

Email addresses are not collected if users are logged in to the site because their credentials are collected at the time they log in.

On collection share pages and Pickup pages, the request for intended use displays only the first time users download a single or all assets.

Intended use on collection share pages

Intended use on the pickup page

Intended use

Intended use can be collected when users who are logged into the site:
  • Download or share assets from within the site
  • Download a single or all assets from the Pickup page

Intended use at download

Intended use when sharing

Intended use is not collected when users share assets to social media sites. Sharing to social media is the assumed intended use.

Create intended use options

Default intended use options display on the Intended Use page under Order Settings in the Admin app. From this page, you can also create your own options. There is no limit to the number of intended use options you can create.

Options display alphabetically both on the Intended Use page and in dropdowns for users. The "other" option, if enabled, will always display last.

Rename or disable intended use options at any time on the Intended Use page. Options cannot be deleted. Note that renaming an intended use option may skew Quick Insights data.

Intended use features

Notification will display at the top of the Intended Use page in the Admin app if intended use features are off.

Enable or disable these intended use features at any time on the Features page:
  • Collect Intended Use on External Collections
  • Collect Intended Use on Order Pickup
  • Collect Intended Use Within Site