If you have permission, you can export data about assets in the Widen Collective in order to get a full picture of how those assets are being used. Exports can be in CSV, PDF, TXT, or XLSX formats, depending on the type of export, and can include up to 1.5 million rows of information about assets. When exports are under 10,000 rows, they'll be sorted by the date assets were added. A sort won't be applied when exports are over 10,000 rows.

Data within exports can be used as a guide for future creation of assets or shared with leadership.

Create exports from:


After exports process, you'll be directed to the Exports page to download the export and open the file. Exports run in the background of your computer, and you can continue to work in the site until exports are ready for download.

Exports are available on the Exports page for up to two weeks from the date you create them. Access the Exports page from the Activity menu on the Dashboard. The Exports listing will display in the menu only if you have exports to view and download.

Enable alerts or email notifications to receive notification when the export is ready. To review and sort data, download the export by clicking its name or the download arrow, then open the file.


You must be logged in to the Collective to view exports. If you're not logged in, you'll be required to log in to view and export details.

Import CSV exports into Excel

When opening CSV files, you'll need to import the information into Excel in order to avoid seeing invalid characters in the document. To import:

  1. Open a new Excel Workbook.
  2. Click the Data tab.
  3. Click Text.
  4. Select the downloaded CSV file.
  5. Click Get Data.
  6. In the Text Import Wizard:
    1. For the original data type, select Delimited.
    2. For the file origin, select Unicode UTF-8. If there are multiple versions of Unicode UTF-8, select the highest version number.
    3. On the next page for delimiters, check Comma and uncheck Tab.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. In the Import Data box, click OK.