Share links let you quickly and easily share assets with anyone via a URL, and you can use embed codes to drop HTML into a web content management system, public website, or other online source to display an asset.

Embed codes remain available even when your Widen Collective site is being upgraded for Collective software releases or when the site is unavailable due to site maintenance.

Use share links and embed codes for:

  • Audio files
  • Compressed archives
  • Images
  • PDF files
  • Videos

If you have permission, you can grab share links and embed codes from the Share button in:

Release and expiration dates control when shared or embedded assets display. Assets shared via a link or embedded into a website are viewable when they're released and not expired. They won't display if share links and embed codes are released but are later expired. If shared or embedded assets are expired, a gray Preview Not Available image displays. Share a new link or replace the embed code with one for an unexpired asset.

Share links and embed codes are not available for assets that are unreleased, expired, or archived, and for assets you don't have permission to view. For these assets, you will only see the Download button; the Share button will not display.

Share links come in pre-determined sizes or you can create your own custom links and embed codes.

Share links

Individual share links can be sent via email or IM as a quick way to send others a preview of an asset or playable video. Links are shortened for ease of use and are unique to each person who obtains them. They include the asset's filename at the end so you can quickly identify and search for the asset if you need to see it again.

If you'd like to share a group of assets with others, share them via email from the Selection panel or create a collection share page and allow downloads from the share page.

Note that even if file extensions are included for assets on your site, share links will not display the extensions.

Sample share link

Allow downloads of share links

When you share a link with someone else, you can select a share link that users can download or that will automatically download when users click the link.

  • For images, select the original size to allow others to download it.
  • For documents and PDFs, select Document View and Download, or to automatically download the asset when sharing, select the Asset Download Link.
  • For Videos, select Video with Player and Download. Users should click to play the video in order to download.
  • For InDesign files and compressed archives, select the Asset Download Link and the file will automatically download when users click it.

Embed codes

Embed codes are blocks of HTML text you can embed in a CMS, website, or other online source while maintaining central control of the code from your site. When assets are updated in your site, embed codes are automatically updated on linked websites, allowing the most current view of assets to always display.

Sample embed code

Download and share from collection share pages

Share links and embed codes can be accessed for assets on collection share pages if the creator has enabled them. When they're enabled, the Download and Share icons display. Click the Share icon to get the share link or embed code.


The number of times assets have been viewed in Quick Insights or in the Insights app can be tracked when share links and embed codes are used.

Widen tracks the number of views, plays, average time watched, completed views, referring URL, and geolocation data for video share links and embed codes, except for video embed code thumbnails. Note that the Video With Player option must be used in order to see Insights for videos on your site.

Note that Insights are not tracked for ZIP files greater than 20 GB in size when they're downloaded from a share link.

Views of share links and embed codes also increase an asset's engagement score. Engagement scores are reported on asset thumbnails in search results.


Access to create, edit, and delete share links and embed codes is based on permissions that your site admin must enable.


You can have permission to access and share links and embed codes by asset groupBecause all assets must be assigned to an asset group, you must have the Access Share Links for Asset Group permission enabled for each asset group you have access to in order to share links and embed codes.

To create, edit, and delete links and embed codes, you must have the Administrate Share Links permission.

If you don't have permission to access share links and embed codes, the Share button will display on search results thumbnails, in Quick View, and on the Asset Details page, but the links and embed code options will not display. If you don't have permission to access links or embed code, the Share button displays only if you have permission to share assets to social media.

If downloading isn't enabled for share links or embed codes, you won't see the download options listed in the Share button.