Widen Collective features can be accessed using the OS listed in this article and is optimized for browsers with a width of 1,280 pixels or greater. The experience with different browsers and OS combinations may vary.

To determine the browser you're using, go to https://www.whatismybrowser.com/.

Preferred Browsers

Google Chrome

The best and most fully featured use of the Collective is via Google Chrome. Chrome installs easily on both Windows and Mac OS and automatically updates itself.

Mozilla Firefox

If Chrome isn't an option, you can also use Mozilla Firefox. Firefox can also be set to update itself and also installs easily on both Windows and Mac OS.

Supported Browsers

Apple Safari (on Mac OS only)

If Chrome or Firefox aren't options for your Mac environment, Apple Safari version 9.0 and 10.0 are supported (except when in private browsing mode), although they aren't preferred.

Internet Explorer (on Windows OS only)

If Chrome and Firefox aren't options for your PC, version 11 of Internet Explorer is supported, although it isn't preferred. The standard, unmodified configuration of IE is fully supported.

Note that the computing environment can greatly impact the function of IE. The highly customizable nature of IE's settings can also attribute to a compromise of the features used in the Collective. Some computing environments with modified security and browser settings can encounter reduced functionality when using your Collective site, but some settings can be configured to restore greater functionality. For more information, contact the Widen Central Support team.