Each version of the Widen Collective generally includes new functionality, software improvements, and bug fixes. Enhancements to the API may also be included. Below is a list of changes that have occurred during each software release, with the most recent changes listed first.

Find more information and a calendar with future release dates in the Release Process and Schedule article.

Support articles in are updated as appropriate for each release of the Collective. They're linked in the change histories below.

2018 Change Histories

Here's a list of change histories available for 2018, with the most recent change history listed first.

2017 Change Histories

Here's a list of change histories available for 2017, with the most recent one listed first.

2016 Change Histories

In January 2016, we updated how we present you with a list of changes made each month to the Collective, and we began creating change histories for each release. They're linked below and include screenshots and links to related information to help you see the changes that have been made. The most recent one is listed first.

2015 Change Histories

Below is information about the updates made to the Collective in 2015. If you need information prior to 2015, please contact the Widen Central Support team.

Version 9.3 Change History - December 5, 2015

New Integration

  • Quickly upload assets between another app and the Collective using Zapier.


  • Favicons now display when a share link is opened in a new tab or browser.
  • Access to the Comments page now displays in the Navigation menu on the Dashboard when users have the Comment on Assets permission enabled.
  • For the Insights app:
    •  A map chart option is available.
    • You can create charts to view storage by asset stage (e.g., archived, expired).
    • When updating chart data, you can change between site and engagement data options without changing your filtering and grouping selections.
    • Exports can be created if there are more than 50,000 pieces of data.

Resolved Issues

  • The issue with an error page being presented when you're administrating SAML SSOs has been resolved.
  • The issue with metadata field values incorrectly displaying numbers instead of text when changing the field to a palette field has been resolved.
  • The issue with error messaging displaying when admins update registration codes has been resolved.
  • The issue with increasing the number of conflicted assets that display on the Uploads page has been resolved.
  • The issue with assets being removed from the Selection panel has been resolved.
  • The issue with duplicate metadata values displaying has been resolved.

  • The issue with users not being able to select assets in collections when using the mobile site has been resolved.

  • The issue with the Edit icon not displaying when updating system messages has been resolved.

  • The issue with downloads not displaying on the Pickup page when users are logged in has been resolved.

  • The issue with downloading the ZIP file from an order that includes expired assets has been resolved.

  • The issue with being unable to switch accounts when sharing to YouTube has been resolved.

  • Insights app resolved issues:

    • The issue with Insights data not loading when a new chart is created has been resolved.

    • The issue with decimal-format numbers displaying in big number charts in IE 9 and 10 has been resolved.

    • The issue with embed view numbers displaying incorrectly has been resolved.

    • The issue with discrepancies in the order count displayed and the order count included in exports has been resolved

Below are the enhancements to the Collective with the version 9.2 release on November 7, 2015.

New functionality and integrations

  • A new integration with Zapier allows you to upload, or zap, assets to the Collective. Use of the integration is by invite at this time. Contact the Central Support team to receive a private invite while Zapier is being approved to be accessed publicly.


  • The option to filter by metadata type for site and engagement data has been added to the Insights app.

  • Watermarks have been added to all conversion formats for assets if the Digimarc watermark feature is enabled.

  • You can contact the Support team via chat or email from within your Collective site. Previously, you could contact the Central Support team only from the Support Center; you can now contact them from there and from within the site.

  • When uploading assets, you can release or expire them on a specific date, in a specific number of days, or release and expire them at the time of upload.

Resolved issues

  • The issue with uploaded assets not displaying and the larger issue around site search indexing has been resolved.
  • The issue with duplicate metadata values displaying has been resolved.
  • The issue with the guided site tour has been resolved.
  • The issue with playing alternate previews of videos has been resolved.
  • The issue with thumbnails displaying in pickup links for expired orders has been resolved. An error message now displays.
  • The issue with country filters yielding inaccurate results in the Insights app has been resolved.

Version 9.1 Change History - October 2015

Below are the enhancements to the Collective with the version 9.1 release on October 10, 2015.


  • The Upload Wizard has been modified to always walk users through adding metadata when uploading assets.
  • Backend enhancements have been made to refine search filters to improve the performance of the filters that display.
  • We've updated the list of open-source technologies we use, which can be accessed from the footer of the login page.

Resolved issue

  • The issue with Insights exports not exporting more than 10,000 rows has been resolved.

Version 9.0 Change History - September 2015

Below are the enhancements to the Collective with the 9.0 release on September 26, 2015. Refer to the 9.0 release notes for more information.

New Functionality and Integrations

  • You can now set up a SAML single sign-on (SSO) in the Admin app
  • We've enhanced the analytics app and retitled it as Insights. Using Insights, you can add dashboards of site and engagement data, build charts for dashboards, export chart data and more. Preconfigured dashboards display in the Insights app on your Collective site.

Resolved Issues

  • The issue with searches for recently uploaded assets not yielding results due to search terms being case sensitive has been resolved.
  • The issue when entering text for more details if Other is selected as an intended use value when assets are downloaded has been resolved.

Version 8.3 Change History - August 2015

Below are the enhancements to the Collective with the version 8.3 release on August 29, 2015.

New Functionality and Integrations

  • There's now a new Support Center, including a new Resource Library with how-to support articles and more details about features and functionality, for users and admins.

  • Conflicted uploaded assets now use Quick View zooming technology, which allows you to zoom in to see a clearer preview for both assets before making a decision about them. You can also use zooming technology to see more details about conflicted video and document assets.
  • You can now set up OpenID single sign-on (SSO) in the Admin app
  • You can now create deep links for spotlight searches
  • Login links for collection share pages will now always open in a new window
  • In Quick View, you can:
    • Add metadata values when in edit mode. If duplicate values are entered or a value is already included, you will receive an error message about the duplicate or existing value.
    • Close edit mode and not receive a prompt about unsaved changes made to non-required fields.
  • When clicking previous and next pages in search results, you'll be taken to the top of each page of results.
  • Security enhancements to prevent hackers from routing users to another page owned by another app.

Resolved Issues

  • The issue with exports of search results erroring has been resolved.
  • The issue with stemming searches returning additional search results has been resolved.

REST API Updates

  • Version 2.0 of the REST API is now available. Version 1.0 continues to be supported and enhanced.
  • New endpoints to:
    • Access, view, and download documents attached to assets
    • Change asset metadata types
    • Assets marked as favorites will no longer display at the top of search results. Search results will display in the sort order the user specifies or by date added.
    • API access tokens generated on the API Setup page in the Admin app work in versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the API.

Version 8.2 Change History - August 2015
Below are the enhancements to the Collective with the version 8.2 release on August 1, 2015.


  • Ability to edit the metadata type in Quick View edit mode
  • Support of animated GIFs:
    • Download and share animated GIFs or place them in system messages and embed codes. (Note: If animated GIFs are shared to Twitter, GIFs will be playable. Only a preview image of the animated GIF will display for GIFs shared to Facebook.)
    • Refine search results for animated GIFs
    • Preview animated GIFs from search results in Quick View. From the Asset Details page, animated GIFs will preview in Quick View.
  • Select previews for spotlight collections on the Dashboard
  • Default for image quality of 80 for JPEG formats for dynamic image embed codes
  • Addition of InDesign Creative Cloud for 2015 as a supported InDesign plugin option
  • Create embed codes for images at the width and height of the original file format
  • Confirmation messages that a preview has been successfully saved when a preview is selected for a spotlight search
  • Single downloads initiated from the Asset Details page, from Quick View or from search results are reported differently on the asset analytics exports. A column titled “Single Download” as well as a column with the download location are now indicated in place of the Order column.
  • Updated text in emails sent to users who sign into the Collective using a single sign-on

Resolved Issues

  • The issue with cropped DNG file previews displaying at the height and width of the original format in collections has been resolved.
  • The issue where attached documents were not previewing properly due to blocked domains by a user’s firewall has been resolved.

REST API Updates

  • Version 2.0 of the REST API will be available in August 2015. Current version 1.0 will continue to be supported and enhanced.
  • Deleted assets can now be included optionally in API search results
  • Asset security updates via the API will now be indicated as API updates in the asset history

Version 8.1.1 Change History - July 2015


  • Intended use values can now be created and configured by admins on the Intended Use page in the Admin app to use when assets are downloaded and shared within the site, from order pickup pages and from collection share pages. Default options can also be used.
  • Quick View has been updated. You can:
    • Click the Edit icon on asset thumbnails on search results to access Quick View. Quick View will open, and you can edit the asset's metadata, asset groups, and security.
    • Edit filenames
    • Add assets to the Selection panel
    • See a loading indicator display when information and the image is loading and when editing the asset
    • Be notified if changes to metadata, asset groups and security are not saved before closing Quick View, when Quick View is reloaded, when switching between info and edit options, or moving to the preview/next asset
  • When assets are conflicted, you can now zoom in on each preview on the Upload Conflict Resolution page to see more details about each asset and determine if the existing or conflicting asset should be deleted or renamed.
  • You can now view the number of downloads for assets in search results in the search results export.
  • Assets viewed using the mobile app and site are now recorded separately from other views to provide a better picture of mobile app and site use.
  • Results returned for exact searches, which are surrounded by brackets ({}), are now even more precise. When search terms or a search query are entered between the brackets, the entire contents of the search query will be returned.
  • Video assets now dynamically adjust and stream based on the user's bandwidth.

Resolved Issues

  • Tables for asset groups with assets that are pending deletion and confirmation of deletion now display at the top of the page in the Admin app.
  • In Quick View:
    • Previews now display for SWF videos.
    • Categories are now organized identically in Quick View and on the Asset Details page.
    • Users can now zoom in on PDF previews of AI, INDD, PDF and video files that have been zipped.
  • The “Previous Filename” column in exports from search results has been removed.
  • The issue when previews for videos that were uploaded and “Processing” displays, even though the video did not upload correctly, has been resolved and "File Is Processing” will display. If the video does not upload, “Preview Not Available” will display.
  • The issue when sharing assets to Facebook from the Collective by users with permission and only the user’s personal wall displayed as an option has been resolved. Users will now see their wall plus corporate walls and albums and be notified if they do not have permission to share to Facebook.
  • Search results for released, unreleased and expired assets are now filtering correctly when those statuses are selected.

REST API Updates

  • Assets with public comments are now being returned in search results.
  • Attached documents and public comments search filters were activated by “Yes” as a value and can now be activated by a “Yes” value or a “True” value. API documentation has been updated.

Version 8.1 Change History - June 2015

New Functionality and Integrations

  • In-app messaging called Topline, which are messages from Widen about site upgrades, maintenance, and other information for you and your users
  • Google Analytics demographics and interest reporting so you can learn more about who your users are
  • An exact size option is configurable for embed codes to have the same height and width as the original format


  • Updates to previews, including:
    • Checkered backgrounds for transparent (white) assets and assets with clipping paths
    • The option to use PDFs as previews for zipped AI, INDD, PDF, and video files
    • A File is Processing image that displays when files are uploading
    • An option to add watermarks to PSD files
  • Focal point selection for login page background graphics using site branding tools
  • XMP metadata mapping for video assets
  • Dynamic video streaming, so videos will stream at the optimal speed based on a user’s bandwidth

Resolved Issues

  • Facebook now requires permissions for users to publish assets from the Collective and will prevent them from publishing without those permissions
  • The Assets column on the Attached Documents page in the Admin app was sorting by name of the document, rather than number of assets a document is attached to. It can now be sorted by the lowest or highest number of assets a document is attached to.
  • An issue causing some Multiple Asset Searches to return zero results has been resolved, and assets with filenames that match search criteria will be returned.
  • The issue when editing a saved search that required re-entry of saved search information has been resolved. Original criteria for the search will now display, and you can edit criteria from there.
  • The issue resulting in download of the default format of a file when hovering over and clicking the question mark icon for a conversion format, even if the default format was not selected. A tooltip with information now displays when hovering over the question mark. Select a conversion format and the correct format will download.

REST API Updates

  • REST API tokens can be generated from the API Setup page in the Admin app for use by developers or consultants to create custom integrations and connections
  • The API response for asset details now includes asset popularity
  • New values for controlled vocabulary metadata fields can now be added via the API
  • The string returned with an API error response has been modified for clarity
  • CORS support has been added to enable client-side JavaScript integrations
  • A new status has been added for when a metadata import is complete

SOAP API Updates

  • SOAP API will be removed in the future, and it's recommended that developers begin using the REST API. The anticipated end-of-life date for the SOAP API is January 31, 2017.

For release notes prior to June of 2015, refer to the Release Archives support article.