If you have the Export Asset Search Reports permission, you can export data about assets from search results into a CSV format or a PDF. Exports from search results can include up to 1.5 million rows of data in a CSV format and 1,000 rows of data in a PDF.

In CSV exports, you'll see data about asset groups, categories, ratings, release and expiration dates, the number downloads, metadata types, asset creators, asset download links, and more. When a feature is enabled on your site - like the Ratings feature - data about it will be included in exports.

In PDF exports, previews of assets from search results and asset filenames that link back to your site are included.

To create a search results export, perform a search, click Export, and select the type of export you'd like to receive (PDF or CSV).

The type of export, number of rows of data, and sort order is listed in the Export Summary. Give your export a name, then click Export.

Exports are available on the Exports page for up to two weeks from the date you create them.

Widen Collective admins should enable the Export Search Results to CSV - Comma or Semicolon feature on the Features page for you to export data. To export search results in a PDF format, admins can contact the Widen Central Support team.