Use Quick View to see lots of information about a single asset. In Quick View, you not only see a larger version of an asset but can also see more details about the asset and edit those details. You can also see Quick Insights data. You can easily access and update details about the asset, then quickly return to search results or the Dashboard.


Access Quick View from asset thumbnails in search results or by clicking the Edit icon. After it opens, use the plus and minus buttons or the slider below the asset to zoom in to see more details, then add the asset to the Selection panel or download or share it. You can also select the asset as a favorite or see more details on the Asset Details page by clicking the filename. Access previous and next assets in search results by clicking the left and right arrows.

Information about the asset, including its metadata, categories, and security (asset groups, release and expiration dates), displays in the right panel. Click Edit to make changes to that info. You can add metadata values on the fly, add or remove the asset from categories and asset groups, and set release and expiration dates. Click the files you want to change, then click Save to see the details you've added or Save and Next to edit details for the next asset in search results. If details are entered and Save/Save and Next aren't selected, details won't be saved.

Quick Insights gives you data about the specific asset you're looking at in Quick View, including how much it's used, how it's being used, where it's being used, and its use history. Those details can be exported for further analysis.

Note that if PDF documents are over 100 MB in size, only the first page of the document will preview as a JPG in Quick View. Contact the Widen Central Support team to change the size limits, but note that the larger the megabyte size requested, the slower the preview is to display.