Keywords are descriptive terms or phrases included in metadata fields in the Widen Collective. Keywords describe assets to that when someone enters a search term or terms, the assets most relevant to the terms are returned in search results.

When you enter search terms in the quick search, the search looks at the terms to decide what assets should be returned.

Best practice recommendations for keywords are to:

  • Describe the assets in the Collective. Be specific as possible. When the most specific keywords are indicated, the more likely the correct assets will be found.
  • Use keywords to describe everything happening in assets. Describe the subjects, the background, and anything additional happening. Ask questions about everything in the asset, including the assets to who, what, how, why, when, and where.
  • Include general keywords. While one person may search for "tulip fields," others may search for "flowers." Start with a specific description and expand to more general search terms.
  • Include synonyms to broaden the range of search results. Determine all of the different words people may enter to describe the same asset.
  • Include only relevant keywords. Avoid unnecessary and extraneous keywords and copying and pasting keywords from one image to another.

For the image below, here are some keywords we'd use: lagoon, water, tropical, palm trees, flowers