Orders for assets and collections that you've shared, as well as assets you've shared to social media sites, display on the Shares page. You can choose to view tables with details about shares via orders, collections, and to social networks by selecting the corresponding button above the table.

Access the Shares page from the Activity menu on the Dashboard.

Order history

Click the Orders button to see a list of orders you've submitted. If you click the order number or View Order, you'll be taken to the Order Pickup page where you can re-download the assets from the order. Click View Assets to see assets in the order and to reorder those assets by adding them to the Selection panel.

The orderer's name, number of assets ordered, and date ordered are also listed in the table.

Shared collections

Click the Collections button to see those that have been ordered and the sender. The recipient, date ordered, and number of assets in the collection are also indicated in the table. Click a collection's name or View to see assets in the collection and to reorder those assets. Click edit to make changes to the collection on the Collection Details page.

Note that if you don't have permission to view an asset in a collection, you won't see it in the collection.

Social network shares

When the Social Media Sharing feature is enabled, the Social Networks button will display on the Shares page when assets have been shared to YouTube. The social network, sender, and date sent are indicated in the table.

Click the filename or View to see the asset on the Asset Details page.