Access a history of downloads from orders, downloads to file sharing tools, and downloads from collections on the Downloads page. See tables with different details about those activities by selecting the corresponding button at the top of the page.

Access the Downloads page from the Activity menu on the Dashboard.

Order tracking numbers, the date ordered, sender, downloader, and the number of assets in the order display in tables on the Downloads page. Table contents may be slightly different depending on which one you're viewing.

Order assets again

To reorder assets from an original order to share with someone else, view an order from the Downloads page then add the assets from that order to the Selection panel.

Expire orders

All orders have an expiration date to make sure old assets are not used. If you reorder a previous order, the site will verify that assets from the original order aren't expired.

The sender of an order can access the Downloads page to determine whether or not recipients have downloaded any assets in the order.

If you're unable to download an order before it expires, contact the order sender to request it be sent again.