Spotlight searches visually highlight assets with specific search criteria and offer a convenient search option for users from the Dashboard. A preview of an asset from the spotlight displays in the Spotlight Searches zone on the Dashboard. Click the preview or the search name to see assets in the search.

If you have permission to view at least one asset in the search, you'll see the spotlight on the Dashboard.

Previews display in the Spotlight Searches zone even if you don't have permission to view an asset; however, when you click the spotlight, only assets you have permission to view will display.

Create and save spotlight searches

With permission, you can create and save spotlight searches from the advanced search. To create and save spotlight searches:

  1. Select an advanced search option in the left navigation. Metadata fields are searched.
  2. Select a specific metadata field to narrow search results.
  3. Enter a name for the search in the Save As field, if desired. This will save the search.
  4. Click Search.

The advanced search results will display, and you can save the search as a spotlight from there.
  1. Click the Save button and select Save Spotlight Search in the upper right.
  2. Select a preview for the spotlight from the search results or enter keywords to search for assets. Note that the canvas size for the preview should be 280 x 280 px in a square format.
  3. Click Set as Preview.

The spotlight search will then display in the zone on the Dashboard and in the Spotlight Searches table on the Saved Searches page.

Spotlight searches can also be saved by clicking the Spotlight Search link on the Saved Searches page.

Search criteria

Note that searches saved as spotlights with two or more values selected in the same metadata field will be saved following Boolean "or" logic. Boolean "and" logic is followed when two different metadata fields are selected for the saved search. For example, if you select bike models of Explorer and Reflector, both of which are in the “Bike Model” metadata field, search results will include assets tagged as Explorer OR Reflector.

On the other hand, if you select date added and file format, which are two different metadata fields, search results will include assets with both a date added and a file format selected as metadata.

Edit spotlight searches

Edit search results for spotlight searches on the Saved Searches page. Access the page from Saved searches > View all in the More dropdown.

To edit a spotlight search:
  1. Go to the Saved Searches page.
  2. Click Edit for the spotlight search to change.
  3. Select advanced search metadata fields and specific metadata fields to narrow results.
  4. Click Search.

Save the search results that display as a spotlight by clicking Save Spotlight Search.

Change previews

Change a preview for a spotlight search by clicking the Change Preview link in the Spotlight Searches table on the Saved Searches page. Hover over the preview in the Preview column to see a larger version of the image that's being used.

Create spotlight searches for categories

With permission, you can create spotlight searches for parent categories from the advanced search. To create spotlight searches for categories:

  1. Select the Category advanced search option in the left navigation.
  2. In the Category box, enter the exact category name listed on the site. Text entered for the category name isn't case sensitive.
  3. Click Search.
  4. From search results, follow the steps listed above to save the spotlight search.

Delete spotlight searches

You may want to remove a spotlight search from the Dashboard if it's no longer a popular search or if many of the assets included have expired or been archived. Removal of spotlight searches can be done from the More dropdown.

  1. Click Saved Searches.
  2. Click View all.
  3. Click Delete to remove the spotlight.