You can search for global collections in a number of ways in the Widen Collective. Global collections are collections that are created by Collective admins that are visible if you have permission to view at least one asset in them.

Collections dropdown

If global collections exist in your site, you can quickly access all collections under the Collections menu on the Dashboard.

You'll see the names of the global collections or personal collections (by clicking My collections), or you can search for collections. Select a collection to see the assets in the collection.

More dropdown

Global collections search from the More dropdown allows you to view all global collections on your site. You'll see the name of the collection, the number of assets included in the collection, and up to four small thumbnails representing some of the assets in the collection. Click View Assets to quickly jump to the assets contained within the collection or Collection Details to see more information about the collection on the Collection Details page.

Spotlight collections zone

In the Spotlight Collections zone on the Dashboard, one of the assets in the collection is selected as a preview and the name of the collection displays. Click the preview or the name to see assets in the collection.

Search results

Global collections display in search results if search terms match metadata of the collection or individual assets within it. Click a collection's thumbnail in search results to order assets from the collection via the Selection panel. Click View Assets to see assets in the collection or Collection Details to see and make changes to the collection on the Collections Details page.